What is Cinch and why did we build it?

Do you love your local businesses?

Like the coffee place with the barista who knows how you take your coffee or the friendly teachers at your Pilates studio?
Well, we love them too.

That’s why we built Cinch.

Cinch solves the biggest problem faced by 75% of these businesses:
not having enough cash for stability and growth.

And it solves it with your help, and with real benefits to you.

Sounds great, how does it work?

  1. You buy Cinch Bucks at your favorite local shops, for amazing bonuses. For example $200 are worth $250 Cinch Bucks at your neighborhood coffee place.
  2. The local coffee place gets the cash it needs. You get 10 free soy lattes.
  3. You go on Cinch app to find more shops in your community offering awesome bonuses.
  4. You go on Cinch app to buy local Cinch Bucks, that give you a 5% bonus at any local business across the USA accepting Cinch Bucks.

Are you a local business owner?

Visit this page for more information or leave your details here and we’ll contact you soon.
Join Cinch and start enjoying financial stability


The Cinch team is made of customer retention experts and cloud computing professionals who are passionate about the Buy Local movement.


Maya Komerov

Co-founder, CEO
Marc Liebmann

Marc Liebmann

Co-founder, CRO

Yoav Niran

Head of R&D
Itamar Moatty Product Manager

Itamar Moatty

Product Manager
Rob Vargas

Rob Vargas

Customer Success
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