Accept Cinch Bucks
And Grow Local Sales

Cinch Bucks encourage shoppers to choose
your business over chain stores and online shops

Cinch makes it easy for shoppers to prefer local businesses over chain stores. It does this by making it easy for local shops to offer more value for the money.

With Cinch, consumers can buy local, save money and help their community grow. And Cinch partners with the community to channel money back into education, health care and other important causes.


Get loyal customers who love your business

  • Cinch customers are local, from your own community
  • Cinch customers aren’t one-timers looking for a deal
  • Cinch customers pay you upfront
  • Cinch customers are loyal

Grow your own community

  • Cinch helps local businesses like yours grow
  • When your business grows, your community grows with it
  • Of every $100 spent at a local shop, $68 stays in the community
  • Cinch gives back to causes important to your community

Cinch Bucks are easy to use

  • Use our idiot-proof app
  • Choose how much money you’d like to get upfront ($100, for example)
  • Choose how many Cinch Bucks to offer in return ($110, for example)
  • Attract loyal local shoppers

Straightforward pricing

Only 5% and only when your customers pay you with Cinch Bucks*

*Pricing does not include standard credit card transaction fees