Do Well by Doing Good: Become a Cinch Community Leader

If you like playing a leadership role in your community, if you’re passionate about improving people’s lives and if you embrace technological advances, then you may be right for becoming a Cinch Community Leader. Apply and lead your community into a stronger financial future.

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What is Cinch?

Cinch drives communities towards financial independence, with its app -- Cinch Local Mobile Wallet.
The app turns any phone into a mobile wallet that saves money for locals when they shop at local businesses in their town.
Cinch gives locals a better price when they shop locally. By doing so, it makes it easier for them to choose local businesses over chain stores and online stores -- giving local businesses an unfair advantage. This makes local businesses stronger and prevents money from leaving your town.
Cinch then donates some of its earnings to local causes chosen by the community.
Everyone in the community wins: Locals save, local businesses increase sales, local community gets more money for causes important to it.

Being a Cinch Community Leader

Community Leaders are well connected and highly motivated people, who can drive an entire community into using Cinch Local Mobile Wallet.
Community leaders will get free training from Cinch and a budget to help them introduce Cinch to their communities.
Community leaders can make a lucrative income, by earning a share of every transaction done via the Mobile Wallet by people in their community.

You Are

A networker. People like you and you like them. You’re a good listener, an articulate speaker, but most of all you’re a doer, a go-getter and a natural leader.
You’re self motivated and self-disciplined and you like setting goals and working hard to achieve them.
You know a good opportunity when you see it, but you’re not all about the money. Your community, its well being and its financial sturdiness are important to you. That’s why you love the idea of doing well by doing good.

We Are

A technological company with a vision -- changing the future of local economy in America. We empower communities to keep their money circulating locally. We believe every town should decide for itself how best to allocate its hard earned money.
We are a diversified company. We believe in people’s proven abilities -- not their age, gender, background or bio.

A Business Opportunity - Not 9 to 5

We’re not offering you some nine to five sales job. We’re offering you a business opportunity.
Sure, you’ll enjoy flexible hours and full control over your work-life balance, but make no mistake — this business opportunity requires hard work, strong motivation and self-discipline.
What it DOES NOT require -- is any investment on your side.

What will You be Doing?

You’ll be leading your community towards financial growth and sturdiness, by getting local businesses and shoppers alike to use Cinch Mobile Wallet on a daily basis.
You will have great independence in how you go about it. You are the Community Leader and we trust you to know the best way to reach your community.

How will You Help Me Succeed?

You will get full support from us. We will help you succeed as community leader and help you seize this lucrative opportunity.

We will supply you with:

Free full training

A monthly marketing budget

A manager who’s there to help you

Technological tools to grow your network and keep it engaged

Marketing materials -- both online and offline -- from ad designs to leave-behinds, stickers and other merchandise

Resources to help you grow your network and your earnings

Apply to Become a Cinch Community Leader

Please fill up this form. To be considered, please avoid leaving any questions unanswered.


Please tell us a bit about yourself. What motivates you? What experience do you have that will come in handy when becoming a Community Leader?


Which community are you best positioned to lead? If it’s geographical (a neighborhood or a town) please name it and supply a zip code. If it’s virtual community (on social media) -- please supply a link. If it’s topical (Example: You’re head of the regional Teddy Bears collectors) -- please offer proof of your role.


How long have you been a part of this community?


What’s the scope of your community? A few possible examples: How many people live in your town? How many people visit your business? How many people read your blog? How many members are in your organization? Etc.


What are the top ten words you would use to describe your community?

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