How to Play Live Casino Games

Live Casino

When you play live casino games, you are playing against real dealers. In live casino games, a player is dealt two cards face up and the dealer receives one. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. Players may place side bets on certain hands to improve their odds. They can also place bets on suited or pair cards to boost their chances of winning. Infinite Blackjack is one of the more popular games at live online casinos. In this game, you play against the dealer and get paid a higher percentage. Baccarat is not as popular as Blackjack, but most sites offer a baccarat table.

The first step is to find a trustworthy online casino site. A reputable casino site will have a separate section for live casino games. Once you find a good online casino site, log in and register. Once you do this, you will be logged into the gaming lobby. In a live casino session, players use computerised chips and can also interact with the live dealer by pressing buttons on the screen.

Live casino games are produced using specialized cameras set at strategic angles. One camera focuses on the dealer while another focuses on the game. Depending on the game, several cameras can be used to capture the action.