Accept Cinch Bucks
And Grow Local Sales

Cinch Bucks encourage shoppers to prefer your business
to chain stores and online shops

Cinch Bucks encourage customers to buy local by saving them money.  Cinch Bucks keep money circulating within the community, making it stronger. 

Cinch Bucks make it easy for customers to pay you in advance in return for a bonus.
Example: Offer customers to pay you $200, worth $250 Cinch Bucks at your shop. 

Giving customers better value for money increases their loyalty to you. 

And in the meantime, you get the cash you need for stability and growth.

A stronger relationship

A stronger community

  • Cash in advance
  • Repeat purchases
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher average transaction

Benefits for your business

Cinch supports local businesses

  • We give $5 gift to each customer to spend at your shop
  • We feature your business on our app
  • We promote your business for free 
  • We give you access to free marketing tools
  • Our customer success team is happy to help
  • Go into our idiot-proof app
  • Choose how many Cinch Bucks to offer 
  • Agree to accept Cinch Bucks
  • Use our automated tools to spread the word
  • Enjoy the shoppers we'll send your way

Cinch Bucks are so easy to use

*Pricing does not include standard credit card transaction fees

Only 5% and only when your customers pay you with Cinch Bucks*

Straightforward Pricing 

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