Question 001:

How does Cinch benefit my business?

We allow you to get funding from your customers in advance! For example, if your customers on average spend $30 every week, with cinch they will have the option to pay, say, $100 up-front in exchange for a $20 bonus. They get a nice bonus that feels good, and you get all that money right away so you can start reinvesting it without waiting for that money to trickle in over the next month or two. Not to mention, we have plenty of resources you can use to make it easier for you, including free marketing tools, a dedicated team to help with business and marketing strategies, and automated messages that go out to remind your customers to keep supporting your business!

Question 002:

How do I get started?

It’s super easy! All you need to do is click here and start filling in your information. The whole process takes less than ten minutes, and you’ll get a nice little walk-through guide to help you out along the way.

Question 003:

Who provides support to my clients?

Cinch has a dedicated support team that will help sort out any issues that you or your clients might have along the way. You can reach out to them here.

Question 004:

How do I get my customers to know about it?

We offer a lot of tools for you to use along the way, such as physical signage to put up and hand out, and a built-in marketing tool that will allow you to effortlessly set up social media posts, as well as automated email and text message notifications! Of course, nothing beats a business’s personal touch, so we also recommend you start telling everyone that comes in, to get the ball rolling. And lastly, we have a dedicated success team whose job is to help you come up with the strategy that works best for you and your customers. Go get ‘em!

Question 005:

How does my business track our daily numbers?

We will automatically send out daily as well as monthly reports that you can use to track all of your transactions done through Cinch.

Question 006:

How do I change the payment amounts on my offer page?

Due to concerns about security, we don’t allow users to change their offer amounts directly. That being said, we’ll gladly change these amounts for you! Just send us a quick message and we’ll be on it ASAP.

Question 007:

Does the store credit ever expire?

While the amount that the customer pays will never expire, you can set how long their bonuses last until they expire. This is under “Set Bonus Redemption Period” when you first create your account. Like the payment amounts, it’s locked in once you finish your page, but we will gladly change it for you if you shoot us a quick message!

Question 008:

How do I know my transactions are secure?

Every transaction that goes through us it put through Stripe, a licensed payment processor that does automatic security and fraud checks. They’re like our security guards that kick people out for trying to get away with some shady stuff.

Question 009:

How do I receive my payments?

All you have to do is provide us with your banking information, which can be entered through a simple menu in our dashboard under “Settings.” After that, we deposit all payments directly into your account 48 hours after we receive them.

Question 010:

Why do I have to wait 48 hours for the payments to clear?

This time is used so our payment system can do an automated security and fraud check for each payment we receive. We take payment security very seriously, and have a zero-tolerance policy for funny business!

Question 011:

Can the customer use the store credit during the 48 hour wait period before the funds are cleared?

No, the customer must wait the 48 hours to ensure that the payment goes through properly.

Question 012:

How much does Cinch cost?

Cinch takes a flat percentage of each transaction that your customers make to your business. Our fee breakdown is 5% as a business fee for Cinch, and 2.9% + 3 cents per transaction as a credit card processing fee from Stripe.

Question 013:

Does Cinch integrate with my POS?

Our POS integration is coming soon, but in the meantime, all transactions can be tracked and processed straight through your dashboard.


Question 014:

How do I find out where I can use Cinch?

Just go here, enter in which community you want to support, and we’ll show the list of the businesses that use it! Keep checking back, because it’s growing every day!

Question 015:

Can I gift a purchase to another user?

We currently don’t have a way to transfer funds between users, but sit tight, this feature is coming soon!

Question 016:

How do I pay using the funds I’ve purchased?

The easiest and fastest way (for both you and the business) is to have your account open on your smartphone when you’re ready to check out. You can actually pay the full amount right there using your phone, and show the confirmation to the business! Easy peasy, transaction done. Otherwise, you can tell the business that you’re going to pay using Cinch, and they can process it on their end.

Question 017:

Do my funds ever expire?

The amount you paid never expires, however the bonus that you got for the purchase will expire after an amount of time that the business selects. For example, if you paid $100 to your local hair salon and got a free $20 out of the deal, your $20 bonus will go away eventually if you don’t use it. But the $100 you paid? That will stay there until it’s spent. So make sure you get to it before the bonus runs out!

Question 018:

What happens if a business I funded doesn’t make good on their deal?

Cinch does not take liability for any of the interactions between the business and their customers. In this instance, the customer would have to settle that matter with the business directly. We do, however, reserve the right to suspend or terminate affiliation with any business that does not operate within Cinch’s standards for customer service, and we encourage anyone that is having issues to report them to our support team.

Question 019:

Can I get a refund for a purchase I made to a business?

Once the purchase is finalized, you’re committed into using those funds there, just like if you bought a gift card to the same business.

Question 020:

Can I return merchandise that I bought from a business using Cinch?

This is up to the business’s own return policy, and you have to go to them.